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60 Bayshore Rd
Green Creek, NJ 08219
Cape Taxidermy

"We mount your memories!" Cape Taxidermy has been serving the Tri state area for 30 years. Thru the years I have had many custom award winning mounts. I have mounted a chipmunk to a great white shark, and all the North American big game animals. We have done three African safaris, and just about any fish you will catch in the Atlantic ocean. We do skin mounts on salt water fish as well as fresh water. We have over 175 molds for those who choose to catch and release there trophy fish. For the past thirty years, with the quantity of the mounts I have done, I have had a three year back log. I am now selective in the mounts I take in so that I can complete your mount within a year. With the trophy of a lifetime that you have finally harvested or caught give us a try and we will "MOUNT YOUR MEMORY!" When your child gets its first memory and we mount it they will receive special pricing.

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Cape Taxidermy | 60 Bayshore Rd Green Creek, NJ 08219 USA | 609x-889x-1539
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