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118 - 120 Outwater Lane
Garfield, NJ 07026
S Meltzer & Sons Inc

Starting as a small general store back in 1914 by Sam & Jennie Meltzer, Meltzer’s Sporting Goods is proud to be celebrating our 99th year as a family-owned and operated business in Garfield, New Jersey at 118 Outwater Lane. Hunting and fishing equipment has replaced the hardware, but the personalized service is the same. Quality products at competitive prices explain why Izzy Meltzer’s quote lives on "Once you shop Meltzer, you’ll go nowhere else, sir.”
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Visit our website: www.meltzerssportinggoods.com/
S Meltzer & Sons Inc | 118 - 120 Outwater Lane Garfield, NJ 07026 USA | 973x-478x-7647
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