NJ Firearms Academy

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174 Danforth Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07305
NJ Firearms Academy

Here at the New Jersey Firearms Academy we have four levels of training for each of the disciplines of Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun.

There are several training progressions within each of these levels. Each skill is dissected to its components and practiced individually, eventually merging with other skills to create a superior marksman with a strong mastery of the fundamentals.

We train to a much higher standard, therefore we achieve much higher results in those that we train. It is not good enough to pass a qualification; we look to shoot a perfect qualification every time!

Training & Courses

Firearms     Police Academy Prep.    Knife Defense     J/ROTC     Fitness     Wilderness First Aid     SORA

View our class schedule here

Visit our website: www.njfirearms.com/
NJ Firearms Academy | 174 Danforth Ave Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA | 201x-386x-9451
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