Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners, Gun sales and transfers

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540 Ravine Ct
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
United States
Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners, Gun sales and transfers

The Firearm Industry’s Leading Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Systems

Founded in 1993, Police Products Corporation CEO Gregory J. Infante shares his extensive firearm cleaning knowledge with the finest ultrasonic system fabricators to develop gun cleaning systems that are truly the best available. The systems were developed to eliminate use of high odor hazardous cleaning solvents while doing a better cleaning job in less time. They are very easy to use, have the fastest process available, are safe on gun parts and are truly an asset to any armorer, gunsmith or shooter that has to maintain firearms. All systems come complete with the necessary accessories and instructions necessary to get excellent results and we offer excellent customer service and support.

Police Product Corp. stocks a full range of chemicals, including cleaning concentrate, lubricating oil and disinfectant solutions and is a licensed FFL dealer in NJ/PA and 07 MFG in PA. As the first in the business to utilize non-hazardous chemicals, we have expanded the line to include machine designs ranging from a single handgun tabletop unit, to large tank set-ups that can handle a government arsenal. We have the ability to design and build custom systems that fit any firearm industry application including cleaning test fired gun and parts cleaning prior to finish application.

To the Firearm Maintenance Professional:

Thank you for your interest in Guncleaners Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning Systems. Since 1995, Police Products Corp. CEO Gregory J. Infante has worked very closely with Crest Ultrasonics to develop and improve firearm clean and lube systems and is the exclusive distributor and technical sales representative. He has been a federal and state firearms licensed firearms dealer since 1978 in NJ and 07 MFG in PA. and is active in shooting sports. His extensive experience with all firearm types enabled him to develop the best combination of equipment, chemicals and process available. All Guncleaners Firearm Systems are manufactured in the USA. The Sonic System Sales units are made and imported to our specification and are the best low cost systems available.

Our Firearm Systems are being used by numerous State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Air Force Army and Navy Bases, DOE nuclear plant security forces, gun shops, shooting ranges and civilians who need to maintain many firearms in a short time period. On high volume firearm cleaning operations, users report being able to clean/lube firearms three times faster with the parts much cleaner than conventional hand cleaning, and receive substantial cost savings in labor and hazmat disposal.

Manufacturers such as Trijicon, Inc., D.P.M.S., Olin Corp. Winchester Div., Gemtech, HK, Inc. International Training Div., Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, U.S. Ordnance, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Sure Fire Suppressor Div., Kimber, UTM, Buffer Technologies, Picatinny Arsenal Armament Test Facility, FNH USA, Barrett Firearms, Cobb MFG., Browning Arms Co., Lasermax, TDI-KRISS, British Aerospace, Magpul , Kengs, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Ithaca, & Sig Sauer are currently using our systems. Glock, Inc. has deemed our system compatible with their firearms, contact us for details.

Visit our website: www.guncleaners.com
Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners, Gun sales and transfers | 540 Ravine Ct Wyckoff, NJ 07481 United States | 201x-447x-2900
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