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5669 Berkshire Valley Road
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
United States
Armored Jewels
ARMORED JEWELS was established for the gun enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate in gun customization. Using the latest technology, and only the best craftsmanship, we at Armored Jewels are committed to providing you with top quality products and services.

Whether you are looking to obtain a set of our custom diamond sights or to diamond stud your gun you have come to the right place. Take a look at our photo gallery for inspiration or contact us today to discuss your idea, and make your gun the coolest, most unique one at the range.

Be sure to check out our latest and proudest addition, Armored Jewelry. This line of custom jewelry is dedicated to the proud gun owners out there who want to show their commitment to the shooting sports and our Right to Bear Arms.

Armored Jewelry
Armored Jewelry is a unique, cool, and affordable way to show that you are a proud gun owner and supporter of our 2nd Amendment. Order yours today and let others know how you are feeling.

We will donate $2 to the National Rifle Association (NRA) for each ring we sell.

2nd Amendment Ring
Right to Bear Arms Ring
Right to Bear ____ Ring

Firearm Products
Armored Jewels custom diamond gun sights are not only a great looking conversation piece, they are also completely functional.

Diamonds are cut with the sole purpose of maximizing the light that is returned to the eye, making them perfect for use in gun sights. These sights are very bright and draw your eyes right in on the target, especially in low light. If you are a shooter with aging eyes or a competition shooter looking for quicker sight acquisition these sights are for you.
Glock Sights
Sig Sauer Sights
1911 Recoil Spring Plug
Click for all other model sights.



Although we do sell complete sight sets, you can send in your sights for diamond installation. Prices start at approximately $140 for a front sight and $295 for complete set. Please contact us so we can determine if your current sights can be used.

We would prefer the sights be removed and sent separate from the gun if possible. If not, we can do it for a small fee for removal and installation which will be determined based on the particular gun.

We are currently accepting slides for customization. We can add diamonds, initials and other precious metal emblems to personalize your handgun. Please contact us to discuss design possibilities prior to shipment.

We do hold our FFL (Federal Firearms License) allowing us to accept in complete guns for customization, but please contact us prior to shipping.

Recoil Spring Plugs
Recoil Spring Plugs could be customized in many ways. We could supply the plug or you could send us yours for customization. We could do anything from completely diamond studding the end to adding an emblem or initial. Contact us today to discuss your idea.

Visit our website:
Armored Jewels | 5669 Berkshire Valley Road Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 United States | 855x-436x-4486
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